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Thinking Biblically
Lesson 4 - The God Who Turns it Around
Lesson 3 - The Transforming Power of God's Word
Lesson 2 - The Heavens Declare the Glory of God
Lesson 1 - What it Means to Think Biblically

Maximizing the Moment

Paul's Letter to the Galatians
The Power of Agape Love
Receiving the Promise of the Spirit by Faith
The Scandal of the Cross & the Power of its Proclamation
Heaven's Value System
Give it all to Jesus!
Apostles in Galatia, Antioch & the Church Today
The Freedom of the Gospel
The Power of the New Birth
Dying to Religion & Ego that We May Live Unto God
The Background of Paul's Letter to the Galatians

A time of Refreshing with Bill & Emogene Kaiser
America's Revival Heritage
Making Followers of Jesus with Kitbok Rynthatiang
Worship the Lord with Bill & Emogene Kaiser

Back to Jesus
Running to Win
Compelled by the Spirit
Understanding Times & Seasons, Part 2
Understanding the New Season
The Fear of the Lord
How Jesus Disarmed Satan
Shake it Off, Move on, and Don't Look Back

Thinking Biblically About the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit & Discovering the Will of God
The Sign of Pentecost
The Holy Spirit & the Body of Christ
Overcoming Fear by the Spirit & the Word
God's Power Maximized in Weak Vessels
The Free, Unconfined Holy Spirit
The Gift of Prophecy & the Prophethood of all Believers
One Gift of the Spirit - Many Expressions of the Spirit
Developing a Sensitivty to the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit & Resurrection
The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
      & the Value of Praying in Tongues

Spiritual Gifts & Callings
The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Healing & the Holy Spirit (Part 2)
Healing & the Holy Spirit (Part 1)
Living from The Inside Out
The Holy Spirit in the Life & Ministry of Jesus
Learning to Hear the Holy Spirit
A Sound From Heaven
A Misguided Spirituality

God's Grace for Risky Living presented at Toronto Intl Celebration Church
Fulfilling Your Gifts and Calling
by Being The Original God Made You To Be

Renewing Our Consecration & Our Concentration
Let it Go and Move On in 2011


Discovering Our Place & Function in the Body of Christ
God Our Refuge
The Highest Level of Faith
Women Who Mentored Paul
The Full Sufficiency of Christ in You
MARY'S MIRACLE: Lessons of Faith from the First Christmas Miracle
Possess Your Land (Part 2)
Possess Your Land (Part 1)
Testing The Spirits
The Spirit of Python: Recognizing the
        False Spirit of Prophecy in the Church Today

When Hell's Foundation Is Shaken
The Power of God's Word in You
Be Bold
Standing Alone
The Power of Perseverance
Letting Go & Laying Hold
The Norms of the Christian Life
The 23rd Psalm
LOVING TRUTH: The Key to Being Fortified
        Against the Great Deception of the Last Days

God's Path to Maximized Power
Partnership in Marriage
Change Your Destiny
Is There Anything Too Hard For The Lord?
Revival God's Way
Don't Be Afraid of Death, He's Alive
Why Are You Fearful?
The Comforter Has Come
The Purpose & Power of Prayer
Thinking Biblically About Prayer: Hallowed Be Thy Name
Thinking Biblically About Prayer
Charismatic Indulgences: Biblical Truth About Giving & Receiving
Under the Covering of the Most High
Jesus Our Jubilee
Protecting Your Focus
Pursuing Your Purpose
      Keeping Your Focus, Finishing the Race

Shake it Off: How You Can Enter 2009
      With Fresh Faith & Vision
(short version)
You Can Shine in 09: How 2009 Can be the
      Best Year You've Ever Had
(full version)

How Jesus Healed
What to Do When the Miracle Doesn't Happen
Who Is Jesus? & The Barnhart Interview

Online Courses
Jesus, The Gospel, and Women
Journey Through Revival
Thinking Biblically
Pastoral Epistles
New Testament Survey

Thinking Biblically About Church, #1
Thinking Biblically About Church, #2

Cancer survivor, Judy Hamilton, tells how she overcame cancer through prayer and standing on the promises of God.
Conquering Cancer
(21min 194 MB)
Eddie Hyatt & Sherwood Craig

It Shall Come to Pass: The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Last Days Lies the Church Tells Men
Seek the Lord & Live - Bulgaria

Webcasts to Europe
You Are the Sanctuary of God


God's Unconditional Love X (74min 70 MB)

X (78min 20 MB)
Guidelines for keeping the fire of revival and love for the Lord Jesus burning in our hearts and churches.

X (50min 17 MB)
This lesson was taught at Celebration Bible College in St. Catharines, Ontario and addresses a number of vital issues related to the subject of spiritual warfare. The topics addressed include, "How much power does the devil really have;" "Why some have an Old Testament approach to spiritual warfare;" "What happened at the resurrection of Christ;" and more.

Seek the Lord & Live X (58min 17 MB)
Christians must move from an ego-centric, self-oriented approach to God to an approach wherein God and His interests are at the forefront of the relationship. Eddie has preached this message all over the world with great response. This particular presentation was given recently at Word of Life Church in Bangor, Maine.

X (56min 23 MB)
This message was presented by Dr. Eddie Hyatt at the 2007 Christian Training Conference in Litchfield, IL. Dr. Hyatt presents a unique, Biblical and historical perspective on the subject and challenges many of the currently popular ideas about apostles and apostolic ministry.

Leadership X (61min 35 MB)
Leadership According to Jesus & Paul

Following Jesus as an Overcomer X (13min 13 MB)
In the Incarnation, Jesus overcame Satan and fulfilled the will of God, not in His deity but in His humanity. Understanding the real humanity of Jesus and what it means to us, His followers, is a vital key for us to also defeat Satan and fulfill the will of God in our lives.

Your Authority in Christ X (5min 2 MB)
Did you know that you have authority over Satan and all spiritual principalities, powers, and demonic forces? In this brief excerpt from a teaching on the subject, Dr. Eddie Hyatt shows the Biblical basis for every believer to walk in victory and dominion over Satan and his cohorts.

The Power of Thinking Biblically X (63min 60 MB)
This is the first message in a 5-message series delivered recently at Christ For the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas. In this message, Eddie explains what it means to "think Biblically" and demonstrates from the lives of Jesus and the earliest Christians the power that comes when we learn to "think Biblically" about all of life.

Avoiding Deception During Times of Revival X (65min 62 MB)
This message was delivered recently at Christ For the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Hyatt demonstrates the importance of testing the spirits from Scripture and from the example of a world-wide cult that emerged from one of the most powerful revivals in Christian History.

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